In an Instagram world where everyone looks like they've got their shit together... Dilemmas with Jess Ellis proves that they haven't, and that you're doing just fine!

After being squashed by a tree in Hollyoaks, Jess faced a dilemma... What should she do with her life next?

Well, this is it! Her podcast Dilemmas with Jess Ellis where she sits in her house, usually a few gin and tonics deep, and talks to her friends about your problems.

If you've got a dilemma, and you've really got nobody else to talk to... Get in touch with Jess on socials, @dilemmasjess on Instagram and Twitter. And your dilemma could be featuring on the next podcast!

“I was sat on the tube in absolute hysterics. I’ve listened to these podcasts at the gym, on the tube, before bed… Such good listening, and I always come away in such a good mood!” - Li5A on Apple Podcasts

“Jess is brilliant and I’ve ended up binge listening to loads of the episodes consecutively because she cracks me up! Her laugh is so cheeky and infectious, she actually makes me laugh out loud. Great to listen to whilst I’m sat editing (I’m a wedding photographer) and going to recommend it to all of my friends!” Little_Luce on Apple Podcasts