A Girl And A Gay In The Gym is a health and fitness podcast from two of Liverpool's leading personal trainers, Hattie Jeffries (The Gym Bird) and Richie Swan.

It's not your usual health and fitness stuff though… It's your no bullsh*t guide to getting where you want to be.

So, if you want to be more Victoria's Secret and less Victoria sponge…

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“Brilliant! Filled with really useful hints and tips for eating better, counting calories and working out. But more importantly it’s hilarious, I’ve laughed out loud whilst listening to this!” Delarae99 on Apple Podcasts

“So funny and interesting, gets me through the week… Feeling more motivated than I have done in ages, didn’t realise eating better to lose weight was so easy to track. Keep them coming!” DeepSeaEmily on Apple Podcasts

“I’m about to join the gym as a result of listening so job done!” DGostling on Apple Podcasts